Brunch 8/22/21

“French Toast Pancakes”

The idea of this “French Toast pancake”, as far as I could get from the explanation of the server, is that they make a regular pancake, then dip it in custard and re-cook it in a high-sided skillet. I don’t know if the idea is flawed or just the execution, but I do know that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it looked on the plate. It was heavy and dense, and I could barely eat one. The fresh fruit was great, though.

We’d gone to this local restaurant because it’s got a reputation for Sunday brunch. Like a couple of other “upscale” places we’ve tried in Salem, though, it’s reach exceeds its grasp. We do love to go out to breakfast on the weekends, but we haven’t been back to this place since this visit in August of 2021.

4 thoughts on “Brunch 8/22/21

  1. Ledger, right? I didn’t order that but my companion did on my one and only foray there (also in late summer 2021). He was similarly underwhelmed, as I recall, but it sure does look good. I forget what I had instead (maybe a burger? it was fine) … the standout for me was the Bloody Mary that came with, like, 10 accoutrements.


      1. Oh, I am definitely a brunch person and wouldn’t say otherwise just because of this less than stellar experience. I mean, it’s OK if you really don’t like brunch but I hope you won’t let this one stop you from keeping at it. I definitely won’t! That said, brunchy food probably doesn’t travel too well so I haven’t tried it via takeout anywhere and it’ll probably be a while before I go out for some again. Stupid pashmina.


      2. I wouldn’t put tthe blame on this one experience. I can’t think of too many brunch experiences we’ve had where I walked away thinking it was great. Maybe Sonsie on Newbury Street, though we haven’t ben there in years.

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