Lunch 3/1/22


A trio of empanadas from a sandwich place near my office that also has some Latinx dishes. One of my co-workers swears by their Cubano sandwich, and apparently they make excellent tostones. I got one beef, one chicken, and one pork empanada. Thew chicken was the best of the three. The meat was nicely seasoned and juicy. The pork was my second favorite; again, well-seasoned, but it was dry. The beef one was unexceptional. I was disappointed that there was nothing other than the meat as the filling in them. I would have expected some of the other ingredients that often come in empanadas like olives and/or raisins, or even some peppers and onion. As you can see, they were deep-fried and quite crispy, which I liked. I’ve made empanadas at home a few times and bake them.

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