Lunch 3/19/22

Spicy soy noodles with fried egg

I’ve been buying these “instant” noodles online from Momofuku. After trying all three varieties, I’ve settled on the Spicy Soy flavor as the best of the three. They are a step up from your supermarket ramen noodles, but still pretty quick and easy. I didn’t eat breakfast on Saturday morning, so by the time lunch rolled around, I felt like I wanted some protein, but I couldn’t be arsed to do anything involved. So instant noodles topped with a fried egg it was!

The runny yolk from the sunny-side-up egg is key. That yolk oozes into the noodles and coats them, giving them a silky texture they don’t have on their own. The spicy soy and sesame sauce pairs perfectly with egg. I considered adding a quick squirt of sriracha for color, but the noodle sauce is spicy enough on its own. You could scatter some very finely chopped green onion if you wanted a pop of color.

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