Dinner 4/11/15

Seafood stew, foie gras au torchon on brioche

Couple of pictures from my Facebook memories page this morning. This was dinner at the now-defunct Bastille Kitchen in Boston. It was a hot destination at the time, and we went a couple of times and enjoyed it very much. We even took our daughter there for her 16th birthday a couple of years after this.

“Au torchon” means that the foie gras has been poached, and the traditional method is to wrap it in a towel (torchon) for the poaching, though I imagine restaurant kitchens probabky don’t use an actual dish towel (at least, I hope they don’t). It’s not my favorite preparation for foie gras, to be honest. I like foie gras better seared so that it gets a little browning and slight crust to the exterior.

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