Dinner 7/16/22

Vinegar chicken, asparagus with lbutter and lemon, corn

Jacques Pépin’s version of the classic Lyonnaise vinegar chicken recipe is a nice thing to do with leg quarters or bone-in thighs, and it’s actually really simple. It’s become my favorite thing to do with chicken pieces like this. I posted this recipe in my private Facebook group, and even convinced one friend, who eats almost no meat, to try it. Now it’s her favorite recipe!

Even though I love black olives, I usually leave them out. I also use some tomato sauce to add liquid instead of just water, and I feel like that adds a little complexity to the flavor. He doesn’t explicitly say so in the video, but you can see that he is using red wine vinegar, not white vinegar, and I have found that sherry vinegar also works very well.

The asparagus is simply chopped and steamed in a skillet with a couple of tablespoons of water, then once the water is gone, you add a tablespoon of butter, the juice of half a lemon, and season with salt and pepper. I usualy broil (or grill) whole asparagus spears with olive oil, lemon and garlic, but wanted something that didn’t need attention, since the chicken is also pretty low-effort. Made for a delicious Saturday night dinner.

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