Dinner 8/13/22

Steak bowl with brown rice, red quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, snap peas, bok choy, carrots, red onion, asparagus, red pepper flakes.

Chain restaurants generally leave me cold, but we’ve had some decent meals at the Yard House location in Lynnfield, and this recent one was especially good. My daughter and I shared an order of shiitake garlic noodles as an appetizer that we both enjoyed, and then I had this steak bowl, which was really excellent.

For starters, they did a good job with the steak. I asked for medium-rare, which places like this can never seem to accomplish, but they did hit medium spot-on, so that’s close enough for me. The veggie combo, though, was great. I love bok choy and asparagus in stir-fry. They maybe needed to do a little bit better job of de-stringing the snap peas, but they were tasty. And the grain combo of brown rice and quinoa had good textural contrast. My general assumption is that chain restaurant kitchens do very little actual cooking, but this did not seem like it came from a freezer bag.

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