I Went To Vienna And All I Got Was Covid

Because that’s the way life goes, I guess. Despite beingf very careful for two and a half years, despite getting all the vaccines and boosters, on our second day of vacation I tested positive for Covid.

Luckily, I only had (and still have) very mild symptoms, as did my wife, who tested positive a couple of days later. And, luckily, Austria does not have a quarantine in place, so we were still able to see some of the sights as long as we were masked up. However, we had to cancel all our dinner reservations at all the restaurants we had planned, because you can’t be umasked indoors in a restaurant. A lot of places in Vienna do have outdoor seating, but it’s mid-October and a bit too chilly to eat outside.

So we managed on room service and takeout delivery. Big props to the delivery service MJAM and their fleet of bicycle delivery guys. We had some excellent Thai food and I had a nice container of pho one night. The hotel, which doesn’t have a restaurant attached, nevertheless managed to send up a couple of meat-and-cheese boards for dinner, and coffee and croissants for breakfasts. We did have breakfast at a couple of cafes with outdoor seating, and an afternoon stop for coffee and pastry at another one. I do have photos to share and will post them once I get things in order, but it was not the foodie adventure I had hoped for.

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