Dinner 11/9/2022

White beans, kielbasa and spinach

This is one of severeal simple dinners I like to make for myself. I got the idea from a soup I had somewhere that had kale, white beans, and linguiça, but it doesn’t seem to be a terribly original concept. Brown the sausage slices in a little olive oil with a clove of crushed garlic, add a can of drained cannellini beans (or other canned white beans of your choice), then add spinach leaves to the pan in batches, adding more as the spinach starts to wilt. My supermarket has 10-ounce bags of spinach, which seems like an adequate quantity for this 1-2 serving meal. Add a splash of chicken broth or water to help the spinach finish cooking down. Season to taste with salt and pepper, maybe a pinch of red pepper flakes.

For this particular iteration, I use North Country brand kielbasa, which is very smoky flavored. You could use regular kielbasa, turkey kielbasa, linguiça, or any other pre-cooked sausage you want. As much as I like North Country smoked meats, I think this is probably better with ordinary kielbasa. I can get good kielbasa from the Polish market in Salem, but I also learned that Chicopee, MA is the “Kielbasa Capital of Massachusetts” and might have to make a field trip to check it out.

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