Breakfast 5/8/23

Western omelet, home fries, sourdough toast, avocado

Bridget wanted to go out to breakfast, and we hadn’t been to the Ugly Mug Diner in downtown Salem for quite a long time. It’s super popular, and even though we got there only five minutes after they opened for business, almost all the tables were full.

I thought the morning sun really made this omelet look especially tasty. This one had diced ham, bell peppers, and tomatos with cheese. The ingredients are diced very small, which I like. I don’t want to have big chunks of ham or green peppers or whatever in an omelet. Like most breakfast-join omelets, it was too big ro finish, but I managed a good three quarters of it.

I’m not a big fan of home fries at all, but at least these home fries are well made. Large pieces of potato, but cooked long enough on the flat-top to get some nice browning and crusting. I will flat out not eat deep-fried frozen home fries, and don’t like fresh made ones if they haven’t gotten a crust. I ate enough of them to make it look like I wasn’t unhappy with them. The avocado slices were good and seemed fresh.

I’m usually quite satisfied with a breakfast like this, and this was no excpetion. First thing in the morning is not my best time of day, so I want something I can enjoy without too much consideration. Once in a while a fancy breakfast can be fun, but give me a plate like this any morning.

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