Lunch 2/24/22

Pork belly bao

This type of bao is called gua bao (or one of several other names depending on the region it is from). A slice of glazed pork belly with pickled carrot and daikon and a bit of cilantro inside a folded-over bit of steamed dough. They’re usually fairly small and 2-3 of them make for a good lunch. I had just this one as an appetizer along with some “Drunken Noodles” from a Thai takeout near my office. Bao aren’t typically Thai, but this Thai restaurant has other sort of pan-Asian items on their menu.

Probably not the best version of this sort of bao that I have ever had, but it was perfectly acceptable as an appetizer. My favorite comes from a little mom-and-pop noodle joint in Billerica that we used to go to when we lived in that area.

Appetizer 12/7/21

Flaming Saganaki

On the menu, this was rather aptly called “Cheese On Fire”. It’s Kefalograviera cheese (you may know it better as Halloumi), which is a very firm cheese that fries without melting. It’s flambeed with a bit of alcohol to get a crispy dark edge and topped wih fresh oregano, pistachios, and honey. Shouting “Opa!” when it is brought to the table is optional, depending on the venue and the quality of your dinner company.