Lunch 2/10/21

Beanie Weenie

Inevitably, on those occasions where we make baked beans, I use the leftovers to make what I call “Beanie Weenie”. You might have a completely different dish that you call “Beanie Weenie”, or maybe it’s the exact same thing, I dunno. I like to jazz up th leftover beans with some fresh chopped onions, a little barbecue sauce, and some Worcestershire sauce. Then I slice a couple of hot dogs and throw them in the pan and heat it all up.

This strikes me a kid food, but when I was a kid I would not have eaten it on a bet. My mother made hot dogs and a can of B&M Boston Baked Beans for my father every Saturday night, but I didn’t like baked beans at the time. Our daughter would never eat baked beans either, and still doesn’t even though she is only a few months away from her 21st birthday. But I do enjoy beans and Beanie Weenie now, so there’s hope for her yet.