Beer 9/17/22

Zero Gravity Oktoberfest Märzen lager

The name notwithstanding, September is actually the time of year for Oktoberfest beers, so last weekend we toddled over to the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont. I had several gift cards leftover from Christmas, so my beer purchase was completely free to me! Craft Beer Cellar has been my preferred place to buy beer since I first got started drinking craft beers about 10 years ago. They have franchises in a bunch of places now, wbut we have always gone to the original location in Belmont, which they call the “Mothership”. The two women who own the business are the most devoted beer people I’ve ever met, the store has a wide and interesting selection, and their staff is knowledgable and helpful without being beer snobs.

I don’t think we had been there since they opened their beer hall, called Trinktisch. The whole operation is in a space that was very briefly a small supermarket, so they made one whole part of the store into the beer hall. There are 6-8 picnic tables for seating, plus a bar, and an additional space upstairs that is more like a dining room with restaurant tables. We grabbed a picnic table and ordered.

In addition to the beer, I also had the currywurst, which came with a bit too much curry ketchup all over the sausage and some excellent potato wedges. Not realizing the sausage came with the wedges, I also ordered a half-order of warm German potato salad. Bridget got a hot dog with sweet Bavarian mustard and sauerkraut, and she also ordered the potato salad. As you might guess, one half-order of the potato salad would have been plenty for both of us, even without the wedges. German potato salad is vinegar-based, and the acitidy cuts through the richness of the potatoes very well. We ended up combining the leftover potato salad orders into one take-home container. I wish that the curry ketchup had come on the side, instead of served right on the sausage, because it was hard to get a bite without too much ketchup, but I enjoyed it.

Cold Drink 5/30/22

Raspberry lime rickey

Raspberry lime rickeys are a summertime treat that seem to be pretty specific to the Northeast (at least, none of my friends elsewhere seem to know about them). I have read on the internet that in New York/New Jersey they often use cherry-flavored syrup instead of raspberry. And there is also a plain version without any additional flavoring.

The drink is just club soda, lime juice, and the syrup. In the plain version, you might add a little bit of sugar. I use Torani sugar-free raspberry syrup, but have also used Monin in the past. The Torani syrup has more coloring in it. It’s a descendant of the gin rickey, which obviously includes gin, and there is also a variation that uses whiskey. I really prefer the non-alcoholic version. I also like a lot of lime juice, so I use a full lime’s worth in mine, plus I usually throw in the juiced lime. The contrast of the sweet raspberry and the tart lime juice is really good. I like it better than fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day (though I do like lemonade)

Here in New England, it’s usually seasonal, because you most often find it as an offering at ice cream stands. But you can find it all year ’round in the right places.