Breakfast 12/26/21

Scrambled eggs, pulled pork, home fries, biscuit

For the last 10 years or so, one of our Christmas traditions has been to go out for dinner and a movie. Our movie choice for this year, though, only had a 7:00 p.m. screening available, so we skipped a proper dinner out in favor of movie snacks. That turned out to be a bad choice, because the movie theater was mostly out of all their concessions, so after the movie I suggested we go out to breakfast the next morning.

This is the Cowboy Plate from the Ugly Mug Diner in our town. Having only eaten a bag of Reece’s Pieces for “dinner” the night before, I was rather hungry and wanted to make sure breakfast was protein-centric. I only ate a couple of bites of the home fries; I am not a big fan of home fries in the first place, and it the second place they were cold on the plate. But the eggs and the delicious pulled pork were just the ticket, and I walked away quite happy and full. You can request cinnamon butter with the biscuit, which is grilled, but I stuck to one little container of strawberry jam between the two halves. Can’t completely leave out something sweet.

Breakfast 10/31/21

Grilled biscuit with homemade raspberry jam

August First is a great little coffee and baked goods place for breakfast in downtown Burlington, Vermont. We enjoyed it so much the first morning, that we went back for a second round the next day.

I would rather have a biscuit with my coffee for breakfast than toast. I make decent biscuits myself, but nothing amazing. This biscuit was AMAZING. You can see that it wasn’t the light and flaky platonic ideal biscuit. Sturdy, with a dark color and delicious crusty edges, then grilled with butter and served with an unreasonably large amount of raspberry jam. It was soothing and satisfying on a cold, wet morning.

The next day, we walked back over for a third time, but they are closed on Mondays, more’s the pity.