Lunch 7/29/22

Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich

Here’s my first homegrown tomato of the season living its best life as a BLT. Last year, I somehow screwed up and bought two cherry tomato plants, so I never got a homegrown tomato big enough to make a proiper BLT. This year’s plants produce an average size fruit perfectly suited for the task. This particular tomato was hiding in the middle of one of the plants and I would not have even noticed it if I hadn’t gone looking. There were two others also inside, but some critter got to enjoy partially eating those. There are still probably half a dozen waiting to ripen and one or two I will be able to pick this week.

Lunch 7/25/21

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich

Since we moved in 2019 and have a backyard available to us again, I grew a couple of pots of tomatoes in 2020 and 2021. The 2020 tomatoes were fabulous. The 2021 pots got off to a cracking start thanks to sunny, hot weather, but I didn’t realize I had bought a variety that produces small fruit, and then the weather got wet, and so I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, I got a few that were good enough to make a few homemade BLTs.

My preferences for the other main ingredients (the B and L) are North Country Smokehouse Cob Smoked Bacon and Boston (or Butter) Lettuce. The North Country Smokehouse bacon is simply the absolute best bacon I have ever eaten anywhere. I was amazed and delighted to find it at our local Market Basket, since I had originally only seen it at higher-end markets, so we buy it (or the equally good Applewood thick-cut) on the regular. Boston lettuce, for me, is the perfect lettuce for sandwiches of any kind, not just BLTs.

I know people are all about adding avocado slices these days, but the only other thing on this sandwich is a little mayonnaise. If I’m in the mood, I will make my own mayo, but usually rely on good old Hellmann’s.

This was good-but-not great. Next year I will be more careful about what tomato plants I buy and hope the weather holds.