Dessert 2/12/21

Trois chocolat mousse

As I mentioned in the post immediately below, I picked up some desserts at Caramel Patisserie to go along with our delightful dinner. The mild day brought people out in droves, and when we got to Caramel, there was nowhere to park nearby (a common occurrence in downtown Salem), so I got out of the car and went in, while Bridget circled the block in the car.

They’ve had these gorgeous little mousses a couple of times recently. It’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate mousse and a little hazlenut crunch on the very bottom. They were as delcious as they were beautiful, like everything else we get from them. I also picked up a couple of chocolate-filled eclairs, which we had for dessert Sunday night. Tough call which was better, to be honest.

I got to the patisserie in the knick of time. I was about fourth in line when I walked in the door, but by the time I left, the line was all the way out the door and starting to head down the street. Glad to see that they do such robust business.

Dessert 9/25/21

Chocolate ganache and raspberry mousse cake

We love Caramel Patisserie (I would link to their website, but it seems to be not working at the moment), a delightful little shop a short walk from our house. They are known around the area for their exquisite macarons, but they also have a selection of other French patisserie items like cake slices, croissants, and other traditional French pastry. I especially like these cake slices. For our birthdays this year, we skipped making birthday cakes ourselves and just enjoyed these slices, which we’ve decided is worth turning into a tradition. This particular evening was not anyone’s birthday, however. Our old friends Tony and Sharon had come to spend the weekend with us, and we’d stopped into the shop as we took them around downtown Salem. We had just come from spending most of the afternoon at the Notch Brewing beer garden, enjoying plate after plate of snacks to go with the beer, so no one was very hungry for dinner and thus we opted to skip straight to dessert.