Dinner 7/26/20


I love the idea of having a CSA share in the summer for fresh vegetables, but every time we have tried it, we’ve ended up with more things than we can use up in a week, or too many of one thing or another, or just nothing that we felt like eating. This was from our last go-round with a local CSA, and the vegetable we got a lot of for a while was beets.

I don’t mind beets at all. There are several ways to prepare them that I like, and we certainly went through all of them that month. I had never made borscht before, in fact had never even eaten borscht, but it seemed like it was worth a try.

The recipe I found used beef broth as the base and included other vegetables in the soup, notably carrots. You can see that there’s also quite a bit of dill, which I love. I had expected it to be more like a puree of beets, not a beet-flavored vegetable soup, but we enjoyeed it rather a lot and I was pleased to have another way to use up the surplus.