Breakfast 12/31/21

Cinnamon French Toast. scrambled eggs, bacon

Breakfast on New Year’s Eve Day was at a longtime Salem diner stalwart, Dottie & Ray’s. Plenty of places to get a good diner breakfast in this town, which suits us just fine. This place changed hands a year or so ago, so for those of you who remember it as a less-than-stellar experience in the past, you might give it a try now.

It’s not fancy, to be sure. But I think fancy sometimes overpowers what should be a straightforward meal. When we go to breakfast, I am often torn between getting something sweet, like pancakes or French toast, and something protein-heavy like bacon and eggs. And too often if you order one of those “hungry man” type entrees that have both, there is too much on the plate to make much of a dent in. So this was just about the right speed for me – three not-too-thick slices of cinnamon swirl bread, a couple of eggs, and a couple of slices of bacon. I ate it all and had plenty of room for our NYE feast that evening.