Lunch 4/26/23

Pork and spinach pot stickers

Once in a while, we pay a visit to the closest H-Mart to re-stock on assorted Asian cooking ingredients, and also usually indulge in some imulse buying of stuff we see as we walk around the store. Frozen dumplings of several different varieties usually end up in our cart. The H-Mart categorizes the many, many different types and brands into two basic categories – Chinese-style and Korean-style. I like just about all of them, but probably the Chinese-style a little better.

A plate-ful of dumplings makes an excellent lunch, in my opinion. I’ll usually cook up 8-10 of them at a time. The dipping sauce we buy is mainly just soy sauce and sesame oil with a little bit of garlic, ginger and chili, but not really spicy. The brand we buy does also have a spicier variety, if you’re so inclined.

Dinner 1/6/22

Assorted dumplings

We had several different kind of frozen dumplings taking up a lot of space in the freezer, so we had Dumpling Night for dinner. Those big ones in the front are Korean kimchi and pork dumplings. The round ones are xiao long bao – Shanghai-style soup dumplings. The flat-ish ones are pork and veggie gyoza. There’s also some daikon (muu) kimchi and a bowl of steamed edamame. Not in the photo are some kimchi pancakes and some vegetable pancakes.

Maybe we should have called lit Kimchi Night, because it featured so prominently. The muu kimchi is homemade. My mother gave my wife a kimchi making it for Christmas and this was her first attempt. It was really good.

Of the dumplings, I especially love soup dumplings. These are frozen ones I ordered online, and they are acceptable but nothing special. We like to go to a couple of places that specialize in them, so we’re spoiled for very good ones. The frozen gyozas are something we often keep on hand, since they make for an easy lunch. The kimchi-pork ones were something we picked up at H-Mart and liked well enough to buy a second bag.

The two different kinds of pancakes did not turn out great. My wife did the cooking, and I think having to handle so many things at once got away from her a little bit. But the kimchi pancakes showed promise.

Lunch 12/16/21

Tikka Masala Momos

A momo is a Tibetan dumpling, not unlike a Japanese gyoza or a Chinese baozi. They also turn up in Indian cuisine. Tibetan dishes borrow from Indian and Chinese cuisines, and these momos came from a place that serves Indian, Nepali, and other Asian dishes. The momos come served several different ways, with several different fillings. These were filled with chicken and covered in tikka masala sauce.

The filling is not heavily spiced, but was flavorful enough to hold up against the rather hearty but mild tikka masala sauce. The eight pieces plus the sauce made for a substantial lunch.