Peaches 7/12/22

Georgia peach

This is the third year in a row that my friends Shelley, Beth and I have split a case of Georgia peaches from one of those peach truck companies that do road tours each summer. A case of peaches generally contains 60-70 individual fruits, which is just way too many for any individual to deal with, so splitting it into thirds means we each get 20 or so. Still a lot, but a more manageable amount. I usually eat five or six out of hand, and we use the rest in baked goods like cobbler and pie. Peach compote is also an easy thing to make and is great as a topping on ice cream or pound cake.

This particular peach was almost perfect after a couple of days in a brown paper bag on the kitchen counter. I like peaches and nectarines to be soft and juicy, and it’s tough to get them to the exact right degree before they get too mealy and gross. I’ve given up on the ones you get at the supermarket, because they are always disappointing due to the way they store and handle the fruit.

Nectarines 6/6/22


I love a good nectarine. Unfortunately, the ones that come from the supermarket are very rarely any good. They start showing up around this time of year, and I usually buy 2-3 of them a week until they trail off. But it’s such a crapshoot as to what you’ll actually get when you bite into them. I like them once they get to the stage where they are soft, but not mushy or mealy, and full of juice. I can live with a little mush, but the mealy texture is so unappealing. If they’re too firm and tart, they’re not all that great either, but at least I will eat one that way.

I ate the one on the left right after taking ths photo. It was hard and tart, and I managed to bite the pit as well, and chipped a front tooth a little. The one on the right is sitting in a brown paper bag on my desk, and I am hoping it will be the right level of ripeness when I eat it tomorrow. wish me luck.