Lunch 4/9/22

Chicago-style hot dog

Not a great photo by any means, but on Saturday we had lunch at The Scotty Dog in Beverly for the first time this year, and it needed to be commemorated. The Scotty Dog makes a legit Chicago-style hot dog – they use Vienna Beef hot dogs, sport peppers, and even that weird green relish. There’s a hot dog place in Salem that purports to make a Chicago dog, but they put cole slaw on it, and that is just WRONG.

Lunch 2/10/21

Beanie Weenie

Inevitably, on those occasions where we make baked beans, I use the leftovers to make what I call “Beanie Weenie”. You might have a completely different dish that you call “Beanie Weenie”, or maybe it’s the exact same thing, I dunno. I like to jazz up th leftover beans with some fresh chopped onions, a little barbecue sauce, and some Worcestershire sauce. Then I slice a couple of hot dogs and throw them in the pan and heat it all up.

This strikes me a kid food, but when I was a kid I would not have eaten it on a bet. My mother made hot dogs and a can of B&M Boston Baked Beans for my father every Saturday night, but I didn’t like baked beans at the time. Our daughter would never eat baked beans either, and still doesn’t even though she is only a few months away from her 21st birthday. But I do enjoy beans and Beanie Weenie now, so there’s hope for her yet.