Lunch 5/6/23

“Fun Guy” Burger – mushrooms, onion rings, blue cheese and horseradish sauce

On Saturday we had to drive up to Maine to go get a pair of kittens from a pet shelter. Our old cats passed away six months apart, one in October and the other a couple of weeks ago, and so it was time to welcome a new pair of kitties to our family.

We stopped in Portsmouth, NH for a quick lunch on the way up. We went to Lexie’s Joint, which has locations around Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. You wouldn’t stumble upon it walking along the main part of downtown Portsmouth where most visitors go, but it’s not too far from downtown on another street.We found it very easily with GPS.

I feel like the big burger craze from a few years ago has cooled off a bit, but there are still plenty of places that specialize like this. In all honesty, I don’t want a ton of stuff on my burger/ I want a really good patty cooked the way I like (medium), and some (but not a lot) of good toppings. I don’t even understand how or why people would eat those burgers that are stacked about 18 inches tall with every topping under the sun. Lately, my burger of choice is usually topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, with Swiss cheese, but I also love a burger topped with just an over-easy fried egg.

The “Fun Guy” came the closes to my usual musroom-onion-Swiss combo. Instead of sauteed onions, it had two pretty good sized fried onion rings, and instead of Swiss cheese it had blue cheese crumbles. It was also drizzled with a horseradish sauce that wasn’t particularly horseradish-y. Though I really like horseradish, I didn’t mind the weakness of the sauce, TBH, because it let the other flavors have a chance. The mushrooms were well-grilled and tasty, and the addded crunch from the onion rings was nice. The patty was 4 ounces, but I wish it had been 6 ounces. A half-pound burger is almost too much for me to eat, but a 6 ounce burger is pretty much the perfect size and more amenable to cooking to a medium doneness instead of well-done. Nevertheless, it was a prety good lunchtime burger, and we also shared an order of fries and an order of fried pickles.

I agreed with Bridget’s assessment that it’s probably not a place I would actively seek out if I wanted a great hamburger, but would gladly stop at a Lexie’s over any fast-food joint if it was nearby.