Lunch 3/30/22

Fried chicken sandwich with tater tots

Fried chicken sandwich places are popping up all over the North Shore. There’s a small local chain called “Flip The Bird” which has several locations, but this sandwich comes from a new place in Lynn called “YAS Chicken”. While our duaghter was home for spirng break a couple of weeks ago, she wanted to try YAS Chicken, and it was very good, so Bridget and I got lunch from them last week.

This is the “Yas O.G.” sandwich – fried chicken breast, pickles, lettuce, and house-made mayo, but they also have a couple of spicy versions, one topped with their excellent mac & cheese (which I think I will try next time), and even a chicken & waffles combo. The tots are great, too.

The night we went with our daughter, the place was slamming, and it’s only been open for a few weeks, so I think they’ll do quite well. At least until the fried chicken sandwich craze passes.