Lunch 4/26/23

Pork and spinach pot stickers

Once in a while, we pay a visit to the closest H-Mart to re-stock on assorted Asian cooking ingredients, and also usually indulge in some imulse buying of stuff we see as we walk around the store. Frozen dumplings of several different varieties usually end up in our cart. The H-Mart categorizes the many, many different types and brands into two basic categories – Chinese-style and Korean-style. I like just about all of them, but probably the Chinese-style a little better.

A plate-ful of dumplings makes an excellent lunch, in my opinion. I’ll usually cook up 8-10 of them at a time. The dipping sauce we buy is mainly just soy sauce and sesame oil with a little bit of garlic, ginger and chili, but not really spicy. The brand we buy does also have a spicier variety, if you’re so inclined.