Lunch 3/9/22

Hot pastrami sub with mustard and Swiss cheese

Just a good-looking pastrami sub I had a couple of weeks ago. I usually have mustard and Swiss. The cheese is totally optional. The mustard is mandatory. I would rather have grilled rye bread than a sub roll, but sometimes you have to go with what you can get. Nevertheless, I thought this looked pretty good, and it hit the spot that day.

Lunch 2/13/16

“Boston Italian” sandwich

Starting to dig a little bit into my older photos.

This sandwich is from Sebastian’s Cafe in Kendall Square in Cambridge. I worked in Kendall Square for six years, and on nice days would take the extra time to walk over from my office, usually to get one of these sandwiches. That’s Genoa salami, mortadella, capicola (gabbagool, as Tony Soprano would say), roasted red peppers, and provolone on ciabatta, dressed with a little olive oil. I like a sub as much as the next person, but this is a good, elevated version of an Italian sandwich. Without all the veggies you get on a sub, the meat really has to do all the work. The combo of the three different kinds of meat brings a nice interplay of flavors. The roasted red peppers provide the sweet contrast. I think they could improve this with a little red wine vinegar to add a touch of acidity.