Dinner 9/12/21

Singapore curry noodles

This recipe probably came from TheKitchn.com, since I get a lot of good recipes there, or possibly from SimplyRecipes.com, I really don’t recall now.

The recipe called for shrimp and char-siu pork. I subbed tofu for the pork because I could not find ready-made char siu at the Asian supermarket. Tofu is a good choice anyway, because it absorbs the flavor so well. The only other specialty ingredient is Shaoxing cooking wine. It calls for rice stick noodles, but really any noodles will be fine, even spaghetti.

It was quick and easy, which is about as far as I am willing to go with cooking lately. Like any stir-fry, the time-consuming part is the prep, but the vegetables are one red bell pepper, one onion, a carrot, and some snow peas.

This photo reminded me how much we enjoyed this meal, and has inspired me to want to make it again, probably this weekend.