Nectarines 6/6/22


I love a good nectarine. Unfortunately, the ones that come from the supermarket are very rarely any good. They start showing up around this time of year, and I usually buy 2-3 of them a week until they trail off. But it’s such a crapshoot as to what you’ll actually get when you bite into them. I like them once they get to the stage where they are soft, but not mushy or mealy, and full of juice. I can live with a little mush, but the mealy texture is so unappealing. If they’re too firm and tart, they’re not all that great either, but at least I will eat one that way.

I ate the one on the left right after taking ths photo. It was hard and tart, and I managed to bite the pit as well, and chipped a front tooth a little. The one on the right is sitting in a brown paper bag on my desk, and I am hoping it will be the right level of ripeness when I eat it tomorrow. wish me luck.

SkyBar 11/10/21

Sky Bar

The original Sky Bar was made by Necco (the New England Confectionary Company), one of a number of candymakers based in Cambridge, MA. Necco was at one time the biggest candy company in the country, but eventually went out of business in the 2000s. Some of its brands, most notably the Necco Wafers, went to the Spengler Candy company, but the rights to the Sky Bar went to a woman from Sudbury, MA, who owns a gourmet shop there. She started making them herself, using quality chocolate and fillings (unlike the original, which really wasn’t very good), selling them in her store. She’s subsequently started manufacturing them on a larger scale, and now you can buy them online or in shops (mainly in Massachusetts, but in other locations around the country as well).

My wife and daughter bought one for me a few weeks ago, while they were checking out a new candy shop in our city. I have to say, it’s really very good, even more so when compared to the original, which used cheap ingredients. The fillings are also much improved, while sticking to the original types – chocolate fudge, peanut butter, caramel, and vanilla. Though it will probably appeal mostly to geezers like myself who have some nostalgia for it, I hope people re-discover it and buy enough to keep it in production.