Lunch 11/23/22

Spam, Egg and Cheese on toast

Don’t @ me about liking Spam. A million Hawaiians can’t be wrong. You might consider a Spam, egg and cheese to be a breakfast sandwich, but I like ’em for lunch. Mostly because I am not ambitioua enough when I get up in the morning to go through the business of making one.

I try to keep the yolk a little runny, and if you look you can see some yolk that leaked out when I cut the sandwich. No worries, I just mop it up with a corner of the sandwich. It’s definitely easier to toast the bread in the toaster and assemble the sandwich once the ingredients are ready than to try to grill the bread in the pan, but I like the buttery grilled bread a bit more.

Lunch 3/4/22

Grillked SPAM, egg, and cheese sandwich

SPAM is a divisive food. I like SPAM just fine, but I know a lot of people who would not eat it if you paid them to. I suspect that they have never actually tried SPAM, they are just put off by its processed nature. The actual flavor is unquestionably ham/pork-like, but a bit saltier (although you can buy low-sodium SPAM, if so inclined). It’s best when it’s browned a bit on the stove. SPAM musubi is also okay, as long as it’s not the only sushi you’re having.

I like a grilled SPAM-egg-cheese sandwich for breakfast or lunch, but most recently have made them for lunch a few times. I don’t really want to have to cook when I get out of bed in the morning, and it requires just enough effort to cross that line most days. I put a couple of slices of SPAM in the pan to brown, and then crack an egg into a silicone egg ring that makes the perfect round fried egg for sandwiches. I shoot for over-easy on the egg, because I like a runny yolk, and I put a lot of freshly ground black pepper on it. Once those elements are ready, I butter a couple of slices of bread, and combine the browned SPAM, the fried egg, and a slice of American cheese and grill until the bread is golden and the cheese has metled a bit. It is incredibly satisfying when you are hungry, and fills you up.