Dim Sum 3/12/23

Chicken feet in black bean sauce and steamed pork sausage buns

Shrimp and chive dumplings

Shanghai-style chow mein

U-choy with oyster sauce

Fried stuffed tofu with pork and shrimp

Soup dumplings (xiao long bao)

Another place we had not been to in years is Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Boston’s Chinatown. While Charlotte was home for break, we went for Sunday brunch. There are several places in Chinatown that do dim sum on the weekends, but Winsor Cafe is the only one I know of where you can order items from a menu instead of randomly choosing things from passing carts. There is a bit of adventure in doing that, but it’s also good to know what you are ordering and eating.

Charlotte actually ate one of the chicken feet, which surprised me no end. I really like them in this preparation (not so much the cold ones). They kind of melt in your mouth. You do have to work around the bones, but that’s well worth the effort. Bridget, on the other hand, most definitely did not eat any chicken feet.

She chose the deep fried stuffed tofu, but she didn’t really like it. It’s not clear on the menu that the stuffing is pork and shrimp, and the big chunks of tofu are soft inside. I actually thought they were excellent and had two of the three on the plate.

Charlotte ordered the pork sausage buns and the shrimp-chive dumplings. The buns are unremarkable, just a steamed rice flour bun with a Chinese sausage link inside. I would rather have a different filling, The dumplings were pretty good.

The u-choy with oyster sauce was excellent. It’s just the steamed veg, with a little oyster sauce on top, but so good, and a nice counterpart to the pork and shrimp heavy dishes.

Shanghai-style chow mein is a dish we’d never had anywhere before. It uses udon noodles, and features pork, cabbage, and mushrooms, I think it was the only thing we ordered that all three of us ate and liked. Oh, except for the soup dumplings. We all love soup dumplings. These soup dumplings are not quite as good as the ones we get at Dumpling Cafe, but good nonetheless.

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